Module dstats.random

Generates random samples from a various probability distributions. These are mostly D ports of the NumPy random number generators.


randArray(N, args)Convenience function to allow one-statement creation of arrays of random numbers.
randArray(N, args)Allows the creation of an array of random numbers with an explicitly specified type. Useful, for example, when single-precision floats are all you need.
randRange(params)Turn a random number generator function into an infinite range. Params is a tuple of the distribution parameters. This is specified in the same order as when calling the function directly.
rBernoulli(P, gen)
rBeta(a, b, gen)
rBinomial(n, p, gen)
rCauchy(X0, gamma, gen)
rChiSquare(df, gen)
rExponential(lambda, gen)
rFisher(df1, df2, gen)
rGamma(a, b, gen)
rGeometric(p, gen)
rHypergeometric(n1, n2, n, gen)
rLaplace(mu, b, gen)
rLogistic(loc, scale, gen)
rLogNorm(mu, sigma, gen)
rNegBinom(n, p, gen)
rNorm(mean, sd, gen)
rPoisson(lam, gen)
rRayleigh(mode, gen)
rStudentT(df, gen)
rWald(mu, lambda, gen)
rWeibull(shape, scale, gen)