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Scientific tools and libraries for the D programming language

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SciD is a collection of numerical routines and bindings written in and for
the D programming language. It contains:

There are several ways to get SciD:

Please submit questions and bug reports using the
GitHub issue tracker.

API documentation



All you need in order to use SciD is:


Contributions are very welcome! Please submit your work as
pull requests on GitHub.
By submitting a pull request, you implicitly accept that your contribution
is placed under the same licence as SciD. See LICENCE.txt for details.

While there is no formal coding style guide for SciD, new code is expected to
follow the same style as existing code (which is more or less conventional
in the D community anyway).

Use four spaces for indentation (we don't need no stinkin' tabs!) , and UNIX
line endings (a single newline).