Module scid.matrix

This module contains the MatrixView class as well as some functions related to it.


Name Description
copy A convenience function that creates a copy of the input matrix. Memory for the copy is allocated using the GC.
matrix A convenience function that allocates memory for a matrix (using the GC), optionally sets the values of the matrix elements, and returns a MatrixView of the allocated memory.


Name Description
MatrixView A matrix-like view of the contents of an array.


Name Description
Storage Various matrix representations.
Triangle In packed storage (triangular, symmetric, and Hermitian matrices), one can choose to store either the upper or lower triangle.


Name Description
isMatrixView Evaluates to true if the given type is an instantiation of MatrixView. Optionally test the element type and/or storage scheme.


Lars Tandle Kyllingstad


Copyright (c) 2009, Lars T. Kyllingstad. All rights reserved.


Boost License 1.0