Module scid.nonlinear

Functions related to the solving of nonlinear equations, i.e. finding roots of nonlinear functions.


bisect(f, predicate, xTrue, xFalse, xTolerance, maxIterations) Use bisection to find the point where the given predicate goes from returning false to returning true.
bracketRoot(f, x0, scale, xMin, xMax) Bracket a root of the function f.
bracketRoots(f, a, b, nIntervals, buffer) Divides the interval [a,b] into the given number of equal-sized subintervals, checks whether any of the subintervals bracket a root, and returns the ones that do, together with the function values at those points.
findRoot(f, guess, epsRel, maxFuncEvals, buffer) Searches for a root of N functions of N variables using a variant of the Powell Hybrid Method (the HYBRD routine from MINPACK).
findRoot(f, x0, scale, xMin, xMax, precision) Find a root of the function f.
findRoots(f, a, b, nIntervals, buffer) Uses bracketRoots() to divide the interval [a,b] into subintervals and check which ones bracket roots. Then, findRoot() is applied to each bracketing interval, and an array containing the roots is returned.


RootBracket A set of points that bracket a root of some function.